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Victory Driver FAQs

Who owns NAPA? Who would I be working for?

NAPA is owned by Ron and his son Nic Accomando and has been in business for nearly 27 years. NAPA operates primarily east of the Mississippi and shares many of the same customers Victory currently services including Hershey Foods, Mondelez, Riviana, and Lindt. Ron was a driver and started NAPA because he didn’t like how he was treated. Because of Ron’s experience as a driver, NAPA is committed to offering our drivers the best employment experience available in the industry.

How big is NAPA?

NAPA currently operates approximately 375 power units, 1100 dry van trailers and 425 refrigerated trailers. NAPA currently operates Terminals in Mechanicsburg, Tunkhannock, PA, Harrisonburg, VA, Richmond, VA, and Columbus, OH.

When is the effective date of the acquisition?

The acquisition will be effective on March 16th.

Will NAPA continue to operate the Victory terminal in Harrisburg?

No. NAPA is only purchasing the tractors and reefer trailers. Starting 3/17 all trucking operations will be transitioned to NAPA’s terminal in Mechanicsburg. Our address in Mechanicsburg is 4800 East Trindle Road. Our truck entrance is off Railroad Ave.

Will I be driving my same truck after 3/16?

Yes. The intent is to have you operate your existing assigned truck for the near term. We will take opportunities to upgrade you into different equipment when newer equipment is available.

Will my unit number stay the same?

No, however we will incorporate your existing unit number into NAPA’s numbering structure. An example is Victory’s number 190 will now be unit 413190. In NAPA’s numbering system the first digit notates the unit type. The 2nd and 3rd digit is the model year.

Tell me about NAPA’s terminal in Mechanicsburg

The terminal in Mechanicsburg is staffed 24/7/365. We are in the midst of completing a remodel of the office. The driver facilities are new and expanded including private showers, driver’s lounge, etc. You will be provided with a gate transponder which will allow you access with your personal vehicle. We have ample employee and truck parking. Our shop is staffed 7 days per week and has an automated wash bay.

Where will I operate with NAPA?

That largely depends on you. If you like where you operate currently, that geography won’t change. If you are interested in operating in a different geography, that will be made available to you as well.

Where can I get fuel?

NAPA has fuel at our Mechanicsburg, Richmond, Harrisonburg, and Tunkhannock terminals. You will also be issued a T-Check fuel card that can be used at Pilots or Flying Js. You will be given instruction on using the T-Check card prior to your first dispatch.

What about NAPA’s benefits?

NAPA offers a competitive comprehensive benefit plan that includes Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision, company paid life insurance, 401k with company match and other voluntary life product options. A detailed summary of NAPA’s benefits will be provided at Orientation.

What are NAPA’s pay cycles?

NAPA’s pay period runs from Sunday – Saturday (midnight); Pay dates are every Friday. For your convenience, NAPA offers either Direct Deposit or live checks that can be picked up at the terminal or mailed to your home.

What happens with my current vacation balance?

Your current vacation balance from Victory Trucking has transferred over to NAPA. You may use any remaining vacation time prior to your next anniversary date. On your next anniversary date, you will roll into NAPA’s vacation schedule.

What is NAPA’s pet policy?

NAPA allows pets to be transported in a commercial motor vehicle with written authorization from the safety department. There are no breed or weight restrictions. However, the Pet must not compromise the driver’s safety in any way while operating a CMV. To receive such authorization, the driver must submit the pet authorization request form to the safety department.

What is NAPA’s passenger policy?

NAPA allows passengers to be transported in a commercial motor vehicle with written authorization from the safety department. To receive such authorization, the Driver must submit the Passenger Authorization Request to the Safety Department. An eligible passenger is defined as 11 years of age and over.

Why did NAPA decide to implement the drive cam?

We decided to implement the DriveCam program to protect the fleet by reducing liability and to protect our driver’s livelihood. We are committed to putting an end to the assumption that the truck driver is always at fault.

How have other Driver’s reacted to the DriveCam?

Initially, some drivers are uncomfortable with the program because of how other carriers have created a negative culture by using the camera as punishment. However, once we explain the purpose, the benefits and how NAPA uses the Drive Cam program they’ve been receptive & even appreciative.

How does NAPA use DriveCam?

DriveCam is used to measure of the level of risk when the camera is triggered. It’s not used as punishment- just because the DriveCam records an incident, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. We work as a team to find the root cause of what is causing the high risk indicator. We utilize DriveCam to create awareness and as a result, drivers become safer when they see their own habits that they didn’t know they even had.

When will I get DriveCam in my truck?

Drivecam will be installed, along with satellite TV during your first scheduled PM Service.

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