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OTR Driver Pay Program

We are excited & proud to announce an updated OTR driver pay program that will bring OTR driver compensation opportunities @ NAPA to an industry leading level.

After careful consideration, we have determined that each driver should be able to maximize his/her earnings based on three primary criteria; Professional Experience, Safe Driving and Productivity.

Under this new pay program - OTR Drivers who have 15+ years of verifiable industry experience will have the ability to earn up to .55CPM for all dispatched miles annually.  The total pay is generated thru 3 pay types; Base Pay, Safety Bonus Pay, Productivity Bonus Pay.

The pay program (outlined below) is designed to compensate & reward drivers based on those criteria.

Experience Based Rate Per Mile (Paid Weekly)

Safety (Bonus) Rate Per Mile (Paid Monthly)
$0.03 Paid Monthly

Productivity (Bonus) Rate Per Mile (Paid Annually)
$0.02 Paid Annually on the Anniversary of your Hire Date

The new pay program will be effective November 1st 2017.

78% of our current OTR Drivers will earn a Base Pay Increase thru the new pay program.

Thank you to all NAPA Drivers & Staff who have afforded us the opportunity to take this great step forward with our Driver Pay Program and continue in our mission…to provide our drivers with the very best employment experience available in the industry...

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